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Greymoor (6.0.5)
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Stonefist Tracker
Version: 1.0
by: Hyperioxes [More]
UI that helps tracking Stagger debuff on bosses as well as Stonefist stacks on yourself.

UI appears only in combat but you can make it appear and move it by typing /stonefisttracker

Above text "Stonefist Tracker":
Purple bar shows remaining time of Stonefist buff on yourself (stones floating around you)
Green dots indicate remaining stacks on your Stonefist buff.

Below text "Stonefist Tracker":
List of bosses with their names and their Stagger debuff uptimes. Colors indicate amount of stacks:
- flashing dark red - 0 stacks
- red - 1 stack
- yellow - 2 stacks
- green - 3 stacks

Planned features (random order):
-customization settings
-tracking uptime not just on bosses, but also on current target

Known issues:
-doesn't track uptimes on minibosses in vCR+3 as the game doesn't consider them bosses

Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments, so far I haven't tested it much (mostly Sunspire).
Any feedback is appreciated.
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Unread 06/06/20, 06:45 PM  
Akopian Atrebates

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I will be more interested in this once you have the customization features in. Specifically, it takes up a lot of screen real estate. However, if you can also combine it with other timed buff features (like set buffs that disappear after x time unless renewed) maybe you can find a worthwhile way to combine enough info in the currecnt space to justify the screen usage!? I don't know. But anyway, I always love new stuff like this and noticed myself how the new stonefist took a little more attention than I would like. This will solve that problem.
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