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Elsweyr (5.0.5)
Wrathstone (4.3)
Updated:05/08/19 12:59 PM
Created:05/08/19 12:59 PM
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Stripped out version of AutoDecline by Dio
Version: 1.0.0
by: FatalForce [More]
This AddOn will always decline any incoming friend requests, logging it to the chat box on who sent the request every time a declined friend request happens.

A large caveat to using this AddOn is that if you are spammed friend requests it's possible to get into a weird server state where you cannot accept or send friend requests regardless of if you have any AddOns enabled. I have no idea how often this can occur, but it's possible. After waiting ~8 hours, the server side issues were resolved on their own and I was able to send friend requests and receive them again normally. I cannot guarantee you won't have similar, or worse, issues using this AddOn but in theory there isn't anything in the code that should directly cause this issue.

The auto decline is on by default when the AddOnis loaded, but it can be disabled by doing, "/autodecline false", it can then be re-enabled by doing "/autodecline true".

If you are spamming the F key, then it is possible to accept faster to the notification than the AddOn can reject it resulting in the friend request being accepted. If this is problematic you can go Settings->Controls and remap the Notifications->Accept Notification keyboard mapping to a less commonly used key.


The code itself, is mainly inspired by the original AutoDecline AddOn by Dio with input and help from Wheels. Currently the notification sound will continue to play every time you get a request. If any other AddOn authors have suggestions on how to remove this, that would be great.
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