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Harrowstorm (5.3.5)
Updated:03/27/20 02:49 AM
Created:11/19/18 11:55 AM
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Fix Invisible Offhand
Version: 1.03
by: Phinix [More]
Fix Invisible Offhand

This simple mod quickly toggles your outfit whenever your character loads as a temporary fix for the visual bug where your offhand weapon or shield turns invisible on zone change and weapon swap. You might see your character's armor very briefly change, typically only on first login (lasts 1/5th of one second). This fix may or may not be effective for other future visual character loading bugs as well.

Once the game is patched to fix this bug I will flag this addon as discontinued.

The mod basically switches your outfit off then back to the currently equipped slot if you are wearing an outfit, or to outfit 1 (which all characters have by default) and back off if you are not wearing an outfit, any time your character loads (login and zone change).

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Version 1.03:
- Updated API for Harrowstorm.

Version 1.02:
- Updated for Wrathstone.
- Minor tweak to the lag detection buffer.

Version 1.01:
- Modified wait time between switching outfits to be a function of your current ping time. Should eliminate cases where you get the "can't change outfit at this time" message and stay on the wrong outfit due to high latency.

Version 1.0:
- Initial release.
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