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Solaris  Updated this week!
Version: 0.3
by: Fosterwerks [More]
A timeline bar showing the day/night cycles of the game over a two day (real-time) period. Deliniation marks are at midnight and noon. Real-time indicator arrow will reset at midnight of the current day and repopulate the line with the next 48 hours of in-game day/night cycles.


Update for v0.3:

UPDATE: Total rewrite of the way the day/night cycles are populated on the bar, fixing the daily reset bug (for real this time )
NEW: Added slash command /sol that outputs the time (real-time) of the next sunrise and sunset (in the order they occur next)


I made this addon to better plan my limited gaming time; personally I like playing while it's daytime in the game (especially when it's gloomy and grey out in the real world). Hopefully you find it equally useful!

This is an early release and the first addon I have ever published. Much more functionality to come, including slash commands to output: Tamriel time for a specific real-time and more. Also, future revisions will have tooltips when you hover over a day cycle to show you sunrise/sunset times. Also, looking to add an options menu to customize the look/function of the addon.

Thanks for checking it out! Any feedback is always welcome
v0.2 - Daily reset (or timline shift) that occurs at midnight real-time, now working correctly
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