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Harrowstorm (5.3.4)
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Dragon Lair Weyr Run  Less than 3 days old!
by: Hochbrawn [More]
The DragonLair Weyr Run addon records the loot items and value for the entire group, with a running Dragon Hoard total.

The seven bar graphs represent the value of items looted as follows:
From left to right
Blacksmithing (Raw Materials and Armor Traits)
Clothing (Raw Materials)
Woodworking (Raw Materials, Furnishing Materials, Weapon Traits)
Jewelry (Raw Materials, Jewelry Raw Trait, Jewelry Trait)
Alchemy (Reagents, Potion Base, Poison Base)
Enchanting (Aspect, Essence, Potency runes)
Provisioning (Ingredients, Fish, Lures)

Slash commands that are available are:
Precede each of these commands with \weyr
showdetail | shows the detail loot list
hidedetail | hides the detail loot list
run | starts the addon functions and ready to go
halt | stops the addon functions
showhoard | shows the Hoard Board totals
hidehoard | hides the Hoard Board totals
lootstart | restarts the looting events if stopped with lootstop (does not reset values)
lootstop | stops the loot tracking, can be restarted with lootstart
xbp | transfers items looted from craftbag to backpack
reset | resets all counters and lists to zero
quit | Resets all counters and lists, halts all events and hides controls

ie. \weyr run

If joining a group (ie you got an invite) do a '\weyr run' to build the groups if group members are not showing.

As players leave or join the group their tile will be removed and the next new player will fill that tile.

Team frames will populate as members are added. When all members of a team have left thier frame (should) disappear as well.

The values that are reported are local player dependent based on Master Merchant data. So expect some discrepencies. However, if on a guild run, identify one member as the official results if necessary.

Work to do:
The detail list does not reduce/update if a player leaves group with their loot.
The detail list does not reduce/update if a player deposits items into a guild bank.
The Hoard Board does not reduce/update (ie reduce values) if a player leaves the group.
The Hoard Board does not reduce/update if a player deposits items into a guild bank.
Create an option to view your localplayers item list (maybe a toggle from total to own).
Create a loot item selection list to allow each of the seven loot bars to be customized for different farming runs.

To install, unzip the archive and move the FFFDragonLairWeyrRun folder(with subfolders) into your \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns folder. Once there, you will need to load the game and activate the addon. Once activated, you will need to /reloadui to load the addon.

This addon uses Master Merchant if available.

Modified loading to have all the windows hidden. Type /weyr run to start and show windows.

Modified the detail loot list to sort by cumulative value of the items.

Modified the colours of the bar graphs to match the defaults Harvest Pins. You may want to modify the Harvest Pins default colours for mushrooms, flowers and water to match the value in the flowers default as they are all alchemy items. Also set the fishing colour to the provisioning bar colour.
Bar RGB values used here are:

Blacksmithing 114 125 255
Clothing 150 252 255
Woodworking 255 177 126
Jewelry 221 237 247
Alchemy 115 145 108
Enchanting 255 116 122
Provisioning 255 103 0

Corrected ItemList error it was colliding with Farm Manager.
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