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Flames of Ambition (6.3.5)
Markarth (6.2.5)
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LMP jpFontFI
Version: 1.00
by: Calamath [More]
This shared font add-on allows you to add five well-made multilingual fonts to ESOUI.
The bundled fonts are designed by Fontworks Inc, and provided as Google Font under the SIL Open Font License V1.1.
I decided to choose five Japanese fonts that were particularly distinctive among the fonts they had created.

- DotGothic16 - Regular
- Klee One - SemiBold
- Reggae One - Regular
- RocknRoll One - Regular
- Stick - Regular

These font files are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

Supported Libraries:
- LibMediaProvider (Version 1.0r16 or later)

Instructions for general users:
You will be able to use these fonts with your add-on that uses LibMediaProvider.
For example, the add-on BookFontStylist can be used to replace the font typeface of in-game lore books.
In the drop-down menu choices for selecting the font typeface, choose the following key.
  • DotGothic16-R
  • KleeOne-B
  • ReggaeOne-R
  • RocknRollOne-R
  • Stick-R

Instructions for add-on authors:
I would recommend using these fonts via LibMediaProvider library.
But, you will have direct access to the following font strings.

1) If you want to access the fonts directly, add to the dependencies in the manifest file.
## DependsOn: LMP_jpFontFI
2) A sample code for direct access could be something like the following.
Details of the bundled font:
  • DotGothic16 - Regular
    Dotgothic 16 is based on the old 16x16 Gothic bitmap font that can best recreate the feel of pixel fonts from old video games, cell phones and computer screens on print. With its high readability, this font has become more popular in recent years due to the growing popularity of pixel art.
    Contains all glyphs in Adobe-Japan1-3 and GF Latin Core.

  • Klee One - SemiBold
    Klee is a script font handwritten by pencil or pen. Its quiet design has an elegant and slightly feminine look that sets itself apart from traditional script and textbook fonts. Ideal for body text.
    Contains all glyphs in Adobe-Japan1-4 and GF Latin Core.

  • Reggae One - Regular
    Reggae is a very popular display font often used in Japanese boys' magazines and digital content. The sharpened ends give off a dynamic pulse, making this font ideal to express rhythm, movement and energy, or for emphasis.
    Contains all glyphs in Adobe-Japan1-3 and GF Latin Core.

  • RocknRoll One - Regular
    RocknRoll is an original pop-style font. The strokes of varying intensity add momentum and the rounded dots create a lively and dynamic feel.
    Contains all glyphs in Adobe-Japan1-3 and GF Latin Core.

  • Stick - Regular
    True to its name, Stick is designed with straight lines that create a cute and playful feel. The pastoral ambience also gives this font wide versatility for use in both paper mediums and digital content.
    Contains all glyphs in Adobe-Japan1-3 and GF Latin Core.
V1.00 : [V100] by Calamath
- The first release bundled with five Google fonts - DotGothic16, KleeOne, ReggaeOne, RocknRollOne and StickOne.
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