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Scions of Ithelia (9.3.0)
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Static's Recruiter
Version: 2.0.4
by: static_recharge [More]
**Static's Recruiter - Quick and Easy Guild Recruiting with House Support**

What it Does:
This add-on allows you to create and save guild recruitment messages for all of your guilds. You can then select which zones you would like to recruit in and the add-on will look for houses, friends, guild mates and known wayshrines to port you there. There are options to automate the process almost completely. Please keep in mind that add-ons cannot send chat mesages for you, you must still press enter.

Slash Commands:
  • /srmenu - Opens the settings menu.
  • /srmsg (1-5) - Will load the recruitment message you have saved into the chat input box. You still have to press enter to send the message.
    • Example: "/srmsg 1" will load the recruitment message from guild 1.
  • /srnext - Travels to the next zone in the list.
  • /srreset - Resets the auto travel list to the start.
  • /srdebug - lists debug info, not needed for normal use.

Please visit my Developer Portal to give any feedback, bug reports or feature requests.
- The add-on now auto updates the internal list of owned houses
- Added more code comments

- Fixed an issue with the keybindings not showing

- Added support for creating a guild
- Added defaults to the settings menu

- Minor bug fixes to catch incorrect settings and whatnot.

- Rewrote the code to use ZOS object format and split into multiple files for easy management.
- Added checks for if the player successfully traveled to the correct zone. If not auto traveling disables itself so as not to intefere.
- Simplified the menu so that the user only has to select which zones they wish to travel to and the add-on will search for houses, freinds, guild mates and known wayshrines to travel to. In that order.
- Internal list of known wayshrines updates every time the travel function is used so even newly acquired wayshrines will work without a reloadui.
- Guild info updates automatically when the user joins or leaves a guild.

- Added auto posting recruiting messages to chat edit box.
- Added auto traveling to next zone when message is posted.
- Added ability to reset auto travel progess.

- First Version.
- Able to teleport to houses or zones and use hotkey to assist with message posting.
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