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File: Votan's Fish Fillet11/18/19
mouse is unavailable during process...
Posted By: Marcus
mouse is unavailable during process its intended? yes. Any other activity, like using another item, will cause trouble. I play in windowed mode so I can use my other screen without alt-Tab-ing to it. Having the mouse unusable while I wait for a stack of 50 or 100 fish to fillet almost makes Filet Stack not worth it. I know dur...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold11/06/19
Re: New Error - right after the update
Posted By: Marcus
Also happens just scrolling through inventory. And at first Login, there is a LibBinaryEncode error, which might be the cause, or at least related.
File: Bandits User Interface07/22/19
Mini Map Zoom
Posted By: Marcus
No matter what I set the zoom to, it only works for a little while, then the zoom goes all the way out. Is there something I need to do different?
File: AlphaGear 203/30/19
Alpha Gear Data Export
Posted By: Marcus
I usually run ESO on my main computer, of course, but once a week and a few times a year I'm away from home, and use my laptop. Re-creating the gear sets would be.. tedious at best. I assume I can I just overwrite the /SavedVariables/AlphaGear.lua with a copy from my main machine? I know Minion can do it for me, but it only rest...
File: Assist Rapid Riding02/12/19
Posted By: Marcus
So, I gotta ask.. Installed your plugin for the characters that have the skill for it, but some of mine don't. And when they mount, I get the 'Fail" gong, and it says "French" in the upper right hand corner notification area. French? Lol...
File: Master Merchant02/12/19
Yes, yes,, but the default of 30 Se...
Posted By: Marcus
Yes, yes,, but the default of 30 Seconds between scans is a bit much, isn't it? 2-5 minutes should be more than enough. If you're worried about people not seeing updates while they're buying, increase the frequency if they have a guild merchant window open. Or re-scan whenever that window opens or changes. Master Merchant is gr...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold01/21/19
The GONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Marcus
Could you please, please, PLEASE add a setting to remove the GONG from completed research notifications????? PLEASE???!!!!! I have ten characters, and when three or four have completed something, including mount training (Why???) it GETS REALLY LOUD!!!!!! AND it dings AGAIN whenever I start a research or mount training. Running...
File: CraftStore06/06/16
Re: Still can't access
Posted By: Marcus
I downloaded the temp fixes ( from BlackSwan ) and still can not access Craftstore. I get the following error when I start it up: user:/AddOns/CraftStore/CraftStore.lua:2199: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/CraftStore/CraftStore.lua:2199: in function '(anonymous)' When I try to move the icon,...
File: CraftStore06/01/16
You got me hooked.. I needs my Craf...
Posted By: Marcus
You got me hooked.. I needs my Craft Store back!!! Useful for so many things, invaluable for Enchanting... which is SO broken.
File: AlphaGear02/20/16
Enchanter Writs
Posted By: Marcus
I Love CraftStore! ...until I do an Enchanter Writ. There doesn't seem to be a way to tell which Potency rune creates Strong, Major, Minor.. etc. Since the writs only give the name of the rune, not the level, I can't tell which to choose. Also, the description says I can change some things in the settings, but CraftStore doesn'...