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File: ItemPreview (discontinued)08/13/19
Re: Re: Workaround for Scalebreaker addon error
Posted By: ReallyRilee
Get the updated LibPreview files from ESO Master Recipe List. You want both LibPreview.lua and PreviewData.lua Paste both over the versions that came with ItemPreview/CraftingPreview/FurniturePreview Add the following line after line 296: return nil I've never done something like this, Im a newb as screwing with these f...
File: ItemPreview (discontinued)08/12/19
Re: DLC Scalebreaker Update 23 error
Posted By: ReallyRilee
With the new DLC Scalebreaker Update 23 I receive this error: user:/AddOns/FurniturePreview/Libs/LibPreview/LibPreview.lua:290: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/FurniturePreview/Libs/LibPreview/LibPreview.lua:290: in function 'lib:GetOutfitCollectibleFromItemLink' |caaaaaa self = tbl, itemLin...
File: Assist Rapid Riding07/11/19
After your update (or maybe even be...
Posted By: ReallyRilee
After your update (or maybe even before) a guild mate sees some french words on screen if the addon is activated. Not sure what words exactly, sorry. It only happens on new characters where I do not own the rapid manouever skills as it seems. I've been getting this for awhile. It happens on characters where I do not have the Rapi...