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File: Lui Extended11/16/19
thanks :)
Posted By: lazary69
thanks :)
File: Lui Extended11/15/19
is this addon going to be discontinued?
Posted By: lazary69
Is there no more updates or corrections for this addon?
File: Lui Extended11/09/19
mana reqen skills.
Posted By: lazary69
Dark Conversion and Channel Focus on character screen, both show only 1 mana per sec but Wardens shows the right, amount. Is this something with the UI or is it the game. And I notice on the mana regen for income mana it does not show any of they as returning mana or Stamina. Please help and thanks for a killer UI.
File: Grim Focus Counter11/02/19
Grim counter has stopped working, d...
Posted By: lazary69
Grim counter has stopped working, does not show in my setting/addons no more :mad:
File: CraftStore Greymoor08/21/19
looks fixed
Posted By: lazary69
I must of been my advance filter (beta), but it is working today.
File: CraftStore Greymoor08/20/19
metal crafting one showing up
Posted By: lazary69
when I make crafting items for metal they are not showing up in the window and I have to go old school and use the research option there. Blue, green and purple items are showing up, but not the white ones.
File: WPamA (What Pledges at my Alts)08/16/19
trials are not logging
Posted By: lazary69
After I complete a trial, it is not showing a date and time. It just show "none" is there a way to fix this on my end?
File: AiM's Synergy Tracker06/18/19
UI Error, when I try to unlock or change trans
Posted By: lazary69
user:/addOns/AiMs-Synergy-Tracker/Menu.lua:107:fuction expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AiMs-Synergy-Tracker/Menu.lua:107:function "setFunc" value = false