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File: Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate Share12/24/19
Hodor Icon
Posted By: jphipps85
I am looking to submit a custom icon for my Hodor's, however, your provided discord name does not allow messages from people without shared servers. I have already donated you 25k gold to your in game @ name and just need a method to send you my Icon! Also your use of decimals in the donation required amount is very confusing. Is...
File: Inventory Insight10/19/19
Re: Re: Use of add-on completely gone
Posted By: jphipps85
I have already completely purged Inventory Insight itself, deleting saved variables etc to no avail. I'm not having this issue with the latest version. When you delete saved variables, are you doing it while ESO is completely closed? I found out that Minion's "Delete variables" checkbox in the Uninstall window doesn't work unless...
File: Inventory Insight10/19/19
Use of add-on completely gone
Posted By: jphipps85
Greetings! Much love for this amazing add-on but a couple of days ago, it suddenly stopped working for me. I am experiencing similiar issues other members have already posted in this forum. The add-on shows as installed and enabled in-game and you can even see the section for it's settings under Settings>Add-on's. However, this se...
File: Info Panel10/19/19
Cannot Find Settings
Posted By: jphipps85
Please help! Recently installed this add on, according to the photos here and other peoples posts, there is a settings menu for this add on. However, I cannot find it! It is not listed under Settings>Add-Ons, there is no Info Panel there AT all. However the info panel itself is working on my screen, so I'm confused.
File: Combat Metrics01/04/18
Major Prophecy
Posted By: jphipps85
I'm curious if someone here can answer this. In the attached screenshot, you can see that combat metrics is reporting an uptime of 76% on Major Prophecy. On this setup I have Inner Light slotted only on front bar, however, I am using potion that has 100% uptime on both Major Prophecy & Sorcery. As you can see, Major Sorc is indeed 10...
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker04/26/17
Hey Phinix! Getting the following e...
Posted By: jphipps85
Hey Phinix! Getting the following error when using Ritual of Retribution: user:/AddOns/Srendarr/AuraControl.lua:469: operator + is not supported for nil + number stack traceback: user:/AddOns/Srendarr/AuraControl.lua:469: in function '(anonymous)' Yep, thanks for the report. Left a nil check out of the EVENT_ACTION_SLOT_ABIL...
File: BuffTimers02/21/17
Posted By: jphipps85
I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that we would LOVE an update to this add-on. It's the BEST buff addon out there, and since Homestead, has had some issues with picking up other players abilities, etc. I know there were some API changes, unfortunately this add-on suffered as a result. Thanks and hope to see update soon!
File: Combat Metrics02/16/17
Re: Re: Not working since 2/15 update
Posted By: jphipps85
Can confirm this update is not functioning with the information provided below this post. Ok, I guess I messed things up. I'll fix it in a minute. Sorry! I cannot test right now so please tell me if it works :) Yey our beloved parser is working again! Thank you for fast fix.
File: Combat Metrics02/15/17
Not working since 2/15 update
Posted By: jphipps85
Can confirm this update is not functioning with the information provided below this post.