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File: Dustman03/27/20
Re: Re: Bad experience
Posted By: Contos
Hello. Thanks for the feedback but your comment sounds to me as a big rant. Even if you found a big bug you are not allowed to throw shit on my work, it's a big offence to the dev, since this is a hobby, it's something I do in my free time. So, please remove the parts where you insult my work or else I will remove the comment entirel...
File: Dustman03/26/20
This add-on gave me a lot of headac...
Posted By: Contos
This add-on gave me a lot of headaches. In short, i crafted like 10.000 poisions cuz i used up my stock kinda fast (now i know why) lots of material, i dont know how much, 800-1000? alchemy reeagents worth 100k+ gold, i crafted them and they instantly got destroyed. I can say with 100% assurdness i was only using daily potion/poisio...