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File: LibMapPing02/26/20
Posted By: Snaketzu
When I ran Minion today I had several addons update. When I logged in I had a mess with neverending errors. Most of them referenced LibMapPing. After spending quite a while trying to turn addons on and off to find the problem, I finally removed the entire contents of my addons folder to a backup location. Client worked fine. I t...
File: Bandits User Interface02/16/20
Molten Whip ability animation?
Posted By: Snaketzu
First, I love your addon which is kept up to date and has let me get rid of a lot of secondary addons. This has given me a much better UI experience overall. I was wondering if you would consider adding activation animation functionality for Molten Whip being fully charged, like Crystal Fragments and Assassins Will works now. Or...
File: Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate Share02/03/20
Hodor Reflexes down due to dependency
Posted By: Snaketzu
While checking my addons for a new character today I noticed Hodor was red (offline) due to dependency. After checking the dependency list and Minion, I have all four installed and Minion shows them as current. Any ideas?
File: Action Duration Reminder10/23/19
After the latest patch I realised t...
Posted By: Snaketzu
After the latest patch I realised this addon has sound now. :D I don't know how to turn it off though... when an ability ends, there is the same sound as when an enemy attacks, plus some kind of distant hammering. Really annoying. Help please? I just found in settings that ADR has popup alerts. I was wondering after all the updat...