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File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements07/29/19
Looking for sort features
Posted By: Gecko69
I have more of a request than a problem, The add-on is fantastic but, are you able to have it so we can sort by the different columns for example, at the moment items are displayed by type: could you add something where you could sort by Trait:, Set:, Value: etc:.... also could you add a level column(to show the level of the item)....
File: Auto Category - Revised07/25/19
Inputing fields?
Posted By: Gecko69
Hi, i am trying to figure out how to input the info to create custom fields, however, what i am looking for is to categorize armour into Chest (light, Medium, and heavy), shoulders (light, Medium, and heavy) for each section, However, And i am really sorry for my newb-ness but are you able to help me with this? example: Armour...