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File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements08/19/18
Compatibility with Bandit UI
Posted By: WC Hero
I've had to stop using this addon, because it does not allow Bandit User Interface to initialize (likely because they are both referred to as BUI). It would be awesome if these two could co-exist, and if Better UI could display TTC data in the tool tips.
File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements05/26/18
Thank You!
Posted By: WC Hero
I was worried this addon was going to stay dead, this time. Thank you!
File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements (HotR)10/27/17
Thank you!
Posted By: WC Hero
Thank you so much, for continuing this addon! It's a must for playing ESO with a gamepad!
File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements10/27/17
Better UI continued by rockingdice
Posted By: WC Hero
Controller users rejoice! Better UI is being continued by another author. Find it here! http://www.esoui.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=1774