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File: Constellations06/03/20
Re: Re: does not detect
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When I import from combat metrics, it tells me it can't find data on the stone giant skill. class dragonknight Thx for Info, I'll have a look. Same here for Puncturing Sweeps (magicka templar). It says: (44436) Puncturing Sweep - No Data for this Ability!
File: Combat Metrics06/03/20
Today I had the following UI Error:...
Posted By: daydreamr
Today I had the following UI Error: Too many anchors processed. Tail of anchor list: CombatAlertsNearbyRow2-> CombatAlertsNearbyRow2Range-> CombatAlertsNearbyRow2Name-> CombatAlertsNearbyPlaceholder-> ZO_LargeKeyBackdrop55 After which all my saved and recent combat logs have been bugged, e.g. their DPS got set to values like...
File: MarkPledges05/14/20
Hello there, I just installed th...
Posted By: daydreamr
Hello there, I just installed this addon and had the issue that one of my two pledge quests did not get marked in the "Specific Dungeons" list. I did some debugging myself and found the fix. In MarkPledges.lua on line 150 (in the function GetPledges()), you just have to change for i=1, GetNumJournalQuests() do to for i...