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File: Zygor Guides ESO Leveling Guide (Community)02/12/19
I can't figure out how to key bind...
Posted By: Osiris093
I can't figure out how to key bind the advance for the viewer, I read here that you stated to press Esc-control and scroll to guide viewer. I'm lost....esc and control at same time? if that does nothing, also there is nothing I can find in the list of key bindings for this addon. Please help. Oops....I just found it...Ghana n...
File: FCM Quest Tracker02/10/19
UI Placement????
Posted By: Osiris093
I have looked... maybe overlooked on how to move the display of quests. I don't really want the display smack dab in the center of my UI. Only alternative I have found is to be able to hide it while in combat. Is there any easy way possible to move it without a reconfig of files?