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File: Map Pins06/06/20
Western Skyrim Treasure Map locations
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Western Skyrim CE Treasure Map westernskryim_base={{.407,.51,2821}}, Western Skyrim Jewelry Crafting Survey westernskryim_base={{.44,.581,2821}}, Western Skyrim Alchemist Survey westernskryim_base={{.562,.488,2821}}, https://i.imgur.com/fC1qj7e.png
File: FCO ItemSaver10/21/19
Looks like "Inventory Grid View" is...
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Looks like "Inventory Grid View" is the culprit, for me anyway. I was getting the same errors as Maggi, but they stopped after disabling IGV. I get some FCO trace statements when I run both IGV and FCOIS.
File: Map Pins02/23/19
Is there a way to change the size o...
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Is there a way to change the size of certain pin categories (like time rifts)?
File: Map Pins06/11/18
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bangkorai_base={{0.466,0.694,2219}}, Map Coords 46.61x69.44 Bangkorai Jewelry Survey.