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File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker06/03/20
The quest tracker has started poppi...
Posted By: Snoopman
The quest tracker has started popping up above conversation windows, inventory etc - it has never done this before. Guess it has to do with the release of Greymoor and the addon not receiving an update since February 25, 2020? Will there be a fix and update coming? I'm facing same issue.
File: Light Attack Helper06/03/20
Greymoor ru localization break
Posted By: Snoopman
Does not work with Greymoor russian localization.
File: Bandits User Interface06/13/18
Green off balance target notification
Posted By: Snoopman
Hi there, very nice addon. Used it before summerset and missing one thing from that days. There is an option to show on target off balance status effect and it's cooldown. Before Summerset it was showing with a green color and it was very easy to track, however now it's just white. Did not find any option for that so asking if ther...