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File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter04/22/20
I've tried uninstalling and re-inst...
Posted By: diazexmachina
I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, but the problem still persist. What UI element is the icon 'blocking'? It could be that it's the other way around. If some other element is blocking it you won't be able to move it. You could also try turning on the 'always show toggle button' option, and then move it while some scre...
File: Poison Tracker04/20/20
I can't move the icon. It says it i...
Posted By: diazexmachina
I can't move the icon. It says it is unlocked, both in the addon menu and with a text above it, but I can't move it, it stays in the center of the screen. This is pretty annoying.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter04/20/20
How do you move the toggle button f...
Posted By: diazexmachina
How do you move the toggle button for this addon? It defaults to the upper left corner and it's covering other UI stuff. I can't seem to figure out how to unlock it. Just grab it with your mouse and move it where you want it to be That does not work. So I eventually got this to work by uninstalling and reinstalling. I think...
File: Bandits User Interface04/19/20
Ultimate Number above icon
Posted By: diazexmachina
Would it be possible to insert an option to put the Ultimate number above the icon instead inside it in the skill bar? Many players have the timer inside the skill icons, and the Ultimate number sits over that timer in the default settings. I couldn't find any really decent addon that moves that number above the icon, could you do so...
File: FCO ItemSaver04/15/20
Icons not visible in Bag menu
Posted By: diazexmachina
Since the last update I can't see the icons on items in my Bag menu. I'm using GridList. EDIT: Upon further inspection, the icons become visible after switching from grid view to list view and back again.
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker04/12/20
ESO's Quest Tracker doesn't get hidden
Posted By: diazexmachina
Even if the option to hide it is turned on, the default quest tracker stays visible (also, if I turn off the option it gets re-enabled automatically as I exit the addon's settings). I'm using Bandit UI, and for the time being I've just moved that frame off screen, so I won't see it, but it's an impractical solution. Can anyone...
File: Chat Tab Selector02/27/20
Working now, BUT Now uses wrong...
Posted By: diazexmachina
Working now, BUT Now uses wrong tab and wrong colors. Disable the advance option fixes the wrong tab and colors. But also looses the advance features. I also had problem with the messages in the Group chat: they appear as code rather than simple messages.
File: Chat Tab Selector02/26/20
Since the addon has been updated I...
Posted By: diazexmachina
Since the addon has been updated I can't access its configuration section in the Bandit UI menu. Tried de-activating and re-activating it, but didn't work.
File: Bandits User Interface02/05/20
Champion Points Helper: Create New Profiles with Jump Points Integration
Posted By: diazexmachina
Hello, I was wondering if there could be a way for us who don't know how to code to create CP Profiles like those present by default in the addon. I mean, we can already create presets with our current CPs, but it would be nice if we could Create presets at CP cap (810) which can adapt to our current CP level. I don't know if I've m...
File: Craft Bag Extended11/18/19
Move icons in the Send Mail menu
Posted By: diazexmachina
Would it be possible to move the icons in the Send Mail menu to another position, perhaps near the filter icons? I'm using Chat Tab Selector by Hoft, and it adds some drop-down menus right above your icons. Since changing the placement of those menu seems complicated due to their dimension, is there anything I can do to move your ico...
File: Votan's Minimap11/04/19
Hello everyone. I'm trying to us...
Posted By: diazexmachina
Hello everyone. I'm trying to use Votan's Mini Map along with Bandit User Interface, since the minimap provided by the latter doesn't satisfy me. I used to use Mini Map by Fyrakin, but using that along with BUI makes the Map invisible (at least for me). I kind of like Votan's addon, but I have a weird bug when using it (or perh...