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File: Set Tracker06/09/19
Is tooltip info working as intended?
Posted By: tagarn
I love this addon, but I'm curious if the tooltip info is working as intended? I'm not sure... What would be very useful is to have the tooltip info show which characters / bank locations have items from a set. This would allow for a quick way to choose which mule to have withdraw an item from the bank. Thanks!
File: HarvestMap06/09/19
3D pins in dungeons?
Posted By: tagarn
Is it possible to show 3D pins in dungeons? This would be ideal for watching for chests. Thanks!
File: Auto Category - Custom Inventory Categories05/27/19
Configuration isn't working?
Posted By: tagarn
My configuration now looks like this, and there's no option in the controls for setting the hot key. I'm guessing there's a library conflict, but I haven't nailed down what addon is doing it. I'm also not sure how long it has been like this, as the main functionality in inventory screens is working correctly. Any suggestions? T...
File: Bandits User Interface05/23/19
Jewels of Misrule as food?
Posted By: tagarn
The UI doesn't seem to recognize Jewels of Misrule as food. It will pop up the "need to eat" message while the buff is on, and no icon for it will show up in the passives frame. (We could debate whether Jewels of Misrule is a good stat food or not, but that's a different issue! :))
File: Untaunted05/23/19
Enemy markers that change when taunt drops?
Posted By: tagarn
I have a suggestion for you. It would be nice if the "Show Enemy Markers" feature would display a different marker (or perhaps remove the marker) when taunt drops off an enemy.
File: Bandits User Interface05/13/19
Re: Blank attribute bars
Posted By: tagarn
I was about to post the same thing. Both my attribute bars and my group bars are black -- they only show the text values. I re-installed the previous version of BUI and all is well again. https://i.imgur.com/yY1f4Uu.png just updated today via Minion and now my attribute bars are black https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2...
File: AlphaGear 205/12/19
Re: Re: Does not deposit gear set
Posted By: tagarn
It did not happen in the preview channel. I would get a message that a gear set was equipped if I tried to deposit it, so depositing equipped sets didn't work anyway. However, unequipped sets always deposited unless I was out of bank space. However, I was not using "profiles" in the preview channel, if that might have something to...
File: AlphaGear 205/10/19
Does not deposit gear set
Posted By: tagarn
Hello. I recently updated to this channel from the preview channel, and I have a problem where "Deposit gear set" or "Deposit all gear sets" does not work properly. It may deposit a few items into the bank, but the remainder (sometimes all) will not be deposited regardless of how many times I try. I've checked the obvious, such a...