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File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker05/28/20
I notice this addon has a library i...
Posted By: kichwas
I notice this addon has a library inside of it: LibQuestInfo This library is downloadable as a standalone - which is being kept up to date currently. However this mod is not currently up to date. This is a reason why libraries should not be included inside the addon. Further - if you delete the copy that is inside this ad...
File: HarvestMap05/17/20
Re: Harvest map getting constant nil valuie errors
Posted By: kichwas
Like the subject says, since last update when I use the main map I get constant nil value errors and they are numerous. The error window is flooded with issues from harvest pin / map Same here. Reverted to an older version. I ported into one of my homes after mining an ore and I got an infinite stream of error windows. Ha...