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File: FCM Quest Tracker06/13/18
Can't select a quest
Posted By: Jester13
So, I want to do the quest Into the Gloam, available with the Clockwork City expansion. However, whenever I try to select it, whether from the quest tracker or journal menu, I can't. I can select it in the menu, but as soon as I leave, the selected quest is Cadwell's Silver or Invitation to Orsinium. I cannot select the quest i want.
File: ggFrames06/01/15
Small update to my problem...
Posted By: Jester13
The group frame now doesn't work on the EU server, either. The only other addon I'm using that could cause this is Foundry Tactical Combat but I've been using both FTC and GGFrames for about half a year and haven't had problems on the EU server before.
File: ggFrames05/02/15
Group frame trouble
Posted By: Jester13
So, I use this addon on the EU server and it works amazing, haven't had any problems. However, I recently downloaded the NA server so I could play with some friends and put this mod on there and the group frame just doesn't work. If I try to edit the settings of the group frame, it just vanishes altogether and if I don't edit it at a...
File: Khajiit Speak12/26/14
Other races?
Posted By: Jester13
I'm just curious, will you do this for other races? I'd like one with Argonian speech.