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File: Dragon Tracker07/18/20
This add-on hasn't been working for...
Posted By: scottykyzer
This add-on hasn't been working for me in Southern Elsweyr since Greymoor. Anyone else having that problem? I installed Dragon Alert, but it's not as helpful in my opinion.
File: No, thank you! - Stonethorn03/08/20
Re: Addon Problem
Posted By: scottykyzer
Not sure why, but all the text in the addon isn't showing up ... (Fixed ... forgot to install a required Lib) Any idea which library you added? I have installed all 3 listed in the description, yet I still don't have any of the text. Edit: I got it fixed. It was likely saved variables. I had to uninstall, delete the saved va...
File: Votan's Improved Outfit Station11/20/18
FYI: Matte is misspelled in the Dye...
Posted By: scottykyzer
FYI: Matte is misspelled in the Dye Sort by Material option.
File: FCM Quest Tracker10/16/18
Group quests - can I remove this category?
Posted By: scottykyzer
Something happened recently (I think) where some questions started showing up in a category called "Group" instead of their zone. This splits one of the two Summerset dailies into it's own group, which is not helpful (at least to me). Can I turn that off, but keep the category view on, so that I continue to keep Guild and Dungeon...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre09/23/18
Logging into the TTC Desktop App launches three websites
Posted By: scottykyzer
After I successfully log into TTC, three websites are launched. Below are the URLs for them (at least once they fully load, I suppose it's possible they resolve to this from something else). It seems harder to click the Login menu than the old way to login, but at least it's about the same. Having to close these websites feels l...
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved04/23/17
Re: Re: Re: Target skeleton glitch
Posted By: scottykyzer
Is there any way to make it so that I can see what furniture recipes each individual character knows? Sorry, didn't see this post until I went back to reply to something I fixed. This is already possible via checking the "track recipes" option on your main crafter. What liandera may be asking for, but definitely what I would l...