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File: Circonians WaypointIt08/02/17
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I love this addon. I installed it, then I never logged in and played for a couple of weeks and forgot I installed this. Then I logged in last night and started playing, and I noticed a waypoint had automatically been set for my current quest and a directional arrow was on my cursor, and I thought "OH WOW!!! This is great!!" I...
File: Votan's Minimap07/11/17
how do you move the map? ive tried...
Posted By: FyreBird
how do you move the map? ive tried clicking and dragging it but that doesnt work. went through settings and made sure it was not locked in place. Try grabbing it by the border
File: Dryzler's Setz07/10/17
Re: Re: LUA Error
Posted By: FyreBird
Hello, i uploaded a fix. :o Thanks for sending errors and ideas. http://i.imgur.com/hbIIlMv.png WOW! That was fast! Thank you! :)
File: Dryzler's Setz07/10/17
LUA Error
Posted By: FyreBird
I'm getting this with the current version when I try to open my inventory user:/AddOns/DryzlerElderGeekNetSetz/lib/DEG/deglib.setsort.lua:90: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/DryzlerElderGeekNetSetz/lib/DEG/deglib.setsort.lua:90: in function 'updateSetSortHeader' user:/AddOns/DryzlerElderGeekNetS...
File: Iakoni's Gear Changer07/10/17
LOVE this addon
Posted By: FyreBird
I really love this addon, and I like that the skill and armor addons are separate. This addon for me, is much easier to configure and much less confusing than the other gear/skill switching addons out there, the ability to independently switch skills and gear is PERFECT. :banana:
File: Advanced AutoLoot Renewed07/05/17
Re: Update 1.8.7
Posted By: FyreBird
Changes in 1.8.7: - Removed 'autoloot all' and 'autoloot stolen' parts completely. Event listeners for loot_update too. + Added two keybind options to change state of ingame "autoloot" and "autoloot stolen" settings I tested a lot and found ingame autoloot works much more smoother then any custom ones. So I disabled it completet...
File: MiniMap by Fyrakin07/01/17
Re: Re: This addon isn't being maintained anymore
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so which map should i use ? lol I use Votan's Minimap, it was just updated today as a matter of fact. I use it, along with map Addons like Crafting Stations, Destinations, Dungeon Tracker, Harven's Custom Map Pins, HarvestMap, Lore Books, Lost Treasure, Map Coordinates, Map Tools, Quest Map, Sky Shards,...
File: Votan's Minimap07/01/17
Posted By: FyreBird
Hi, I use your minimap exclusively, but I was curious if there's a way to set the transparency of the map, or to darken it? The reason I ask, is when I play at night, with the lights off, the minimap (down in the right hand, bottom corner) is pretty bright, compared to the rest of the screen when I'm in a Delve etc. So I was wo...
File: XtoLevel06/28/17
Re: Re: Nice
Posted By: FyreBird
Sorry about that, first time uploading an addon this issue should be fixed now. New updates are on the way for customization. Not a problem :) Good to hear about the customizations too
File: XtoLevel06/26/17
Posted By: FyreBird
Works as advertised, but Minion can't find the file, and in order to manually install it, you have to make a XtoLevel folder in your "Addons" folder and copy the three files into it. Hopefully some customization gets added to it, like window size, font size, background transparency etc.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter06/08/17
cooking and alchemy doesnt work. a...
Posted By: FyreBird
cooking and alchemy doesnt work. all others works fine. I testet with 4 chars....and allways cooking and alchemy doesnt work. I disable also other addons like cookerywiz and craftstore....no change. Right from the Addon info Page Provisioning and Alchemy not supported for crafting
File: Hotep® Dinner Bell06/08/17
Posted By: FyreBird
How do I exclude the Sorcerer skill "Surge" from being reported by this addon? I see a drop down box, but I can only pick either Food or Liquids, not both, with no way to exclude Surge. Using version 3.1
File: FCM Quest Tracker06/07/17
Posted By: FyreBird
I really like this Quest Tracker, it reminds me of the one I used to use in WOW. Thanks for keeping it updated!