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File: Harven's Improved Skills Window08/15/18
Of course not :) It's fixed. I may...
Posted By: AphexTwin
Of course not :) It's fixed. I may not be very active here, I may not create new addons, I may not add new functionalities to my addons but I still play the game and I see when they need fixing (or if I don't see for some reason, there are nice people who would let me know - thanks Octopuss ;)). Thank you Harven! :-)
File: SpentSkillPoints08/14/18
Be aware that they made huge change...
Posted By: AphexTwin
Be aware that they made huge changes to the underlying skill system and it's not done by swapping out some function names. Can tell because I pretty much gave up understanding the changes after half an hour. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/424909/update-19-api-patch-notes-change-log-pts/p1
File: FCM Quest Tracker06/18/18
First: Thanks for the Addon, since...
Posted By: AphexTwin
First: Thanks for the Addon, since Ravalox' Quest Tracker was abandoned, this is a nice replacement. Second: Please show a warning somewhere (maybe directly in the quest list), that if you haven't locked the background position, you can't interact with the quest list. It drove me mad that I couldn't collapse/expand quest zones or...