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File: Arkadius' Trade Tools09/23/20
new lua error on character login
I'm getting this new lua error on every character login today and yesterday. Can anyone advise what causes it or if it's a known issue affecting anyone else? v1.5.4.7 user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales.lua:439: table index is nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsS...
File: Arkadius' Trade Tools08/07/20
LUA Error gone, but no sales data?
Pyr0xyrecuprotite, this also applies to your issue, though feel free to send me your saved variables and I can make sure it's not something else causing the problem. So deleting my saved variables seems to have got rid of the lua error message on login, but now when I look at my guild rosters, there is no sales data for the week i...
File: Arkadius' Trade Tools08/05/20
Re: LUA Error on character login (v1.5.6)
Likewise I have also been getting this lua error on login for each of my characters in the past few days: user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales.lua:850: operator + is not supported for number + nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales/ArkadiusTradeToolsSales.lua:850: in function 'ArkadiusTra...
File: HarvestMap06/21/20
Re: No Icon on Map - nor 3d pins - all AD zones
I'm having a similar issue, not just in Blackreach (as per known issues), but for all the AD zones, including Khenarthi's roost. Is this just due to a corrupt folder/file (re-merge required), or is there some other issue? Harvest map appears to be working normally for other zones. Hi I installed HarvestMap a long time ago. But...
File: Dressing Room Reborn05/30/20
v0.9.2 New lua error when rezoning
user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoomUI.lua:452: attempt to index a userdata value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoomUI.lua:452: in function 'DressingRoom:RefreshWindowData' user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoom.lua:507: in function 'DressingRoom:OnZoneChanged' user:/AddOns/DressingRoom/DressingRoom.lua:557...
File: WritWorthy05/28/20
v6.0.1 Refabricated master writs not shown/crafted (bug)
Today I crafted a bunch of master writs, and two did not work. Innate Axiom Shield, Divine, epic, Refabricated Trial by Fire Jack, Impen, epic, Refabricated In both cases, the writ items were simply not shown in the /writworthy interface list, so I was not able to auto-craft them (but I have the motif and mats so was able to manua...
File: WritWorthy05/01/20
Re: small bugreport (Jewelry master writs don't work)
Ditto. A few days ago I had to hand-craft a purple writ ring - I think Unchained Aggressor (new set anyway). Easy enough to craft manually when there are just one or two, but something's def broken. Sorry if this has already been posted In two of the new craftable sets, Critical Riposte and Unchained Aggressor the Jewelry W...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre04/16/20
desktop client error April 16 - (resolved / came clear)
Update April 17: the problem wasn't there any more today, and appears to have come clear. Probably a corrupt data file that was eventually rewritten. Original post (error message report) below: I noticed this after exiting out of my game (PC/EU) earlier today; it's there again when the TTC client starts up automatically after a...
File: ESO Master Recipe List03/27/20
tons of Lua errors since today's update March 27
v1.56.33, getting continuous lua errors on my khajiit since installing this update, did not have them earlier today (before installing the update). Example: user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/bin/SetupPreFrames.lua:705: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/MasterRecipeList/bin/SetupPreFrames.lua:705: in f...
File: LibChatMessage03/02/20
March 2 update - LibChat lua messages fixed now
I've just uploaded a new version which should work with today's game update! Thank you, this update fixed the issues for me, much appreciated!
File: LibGPS02/24/20
Lua error on Char login with U25, v2.0_r18
user:/SavedVariables/LibGPS.lua:8: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/SavedVariables/LibGPS.lua:8: in function '(main chunk)'
File: HarvestMap02/24/20
new Harvestmap LUA errors in Tideholm (U25)
I get a bunch of errors when trying to use the Tideholm (Dragonguard Sanctum) wayshrine to port somewhere else. The errors trigger when I right-click after the initial Tideholm map opens, to try see the bigger world to port somewhere else. No significant problems noticed in other zones so far. user:/AddOns/HarvestMap/Modules/Har...
File: Auto Recharge (and repair)02/24/20
Re: Chat spammed with [ARC_Durability_Changed]Item name here
Confirmed, getting this too here, with v2.62, downloaded on February 23, 2020. Same behaviour before and after installing U25 (I was hoping the message would clear up with U25). The message seems to occur every time a piece of armor takes durability damage. After the new update, any time my gear takes damage my chat is filled with...
File: Arkadius' Trade Tools02/24/20
lua error with U25, v1.4.0
user:/SavedVariables/ArkadiusTradeToolsSalesData06.lua:26088: } expected (to close { at line 26081) near 'char(16)' after a /reloadui to try enable another new lib required for a different addon. I just logged into my first character after installing Update 25, don't know yet how chronic or impactful this issue is/might be.
File: AwesomeGuildStore01/21/20
Re: Re: previous sale price information lost?
all my previous sale price information has disappeared. I have to enter a new price now for all the items that I sell on PC/NA (i.e. try to guess what I had previously figured out was a good price that would balance sale speed as well as profit). Any idea what causes this issue? Possibly a windows update somehow wiping all my sa...
File: AwesomeGuildStore01/18/20
previous sale price information lost?
all my previous sale price information has disappeared. I have to enter a new price now for all the items that I sell on PC/NA (i.e. try to guess what I had previously figured out was a good price that would balance sale speed as well as profit). Any idea what causes this issue? Possibly a windows update somehow wiping all my sa...
File: HarvestMap12/03/19
No map info in Southern Elsweyr
but I don't seem to have a "data swap" program. Can you please clarify exactly which filename to use, and if it is in a subfolder of the Harvestmap addon folder? ...\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\HarvestMap\DownloadNewData or "DownloadNewData.bat" (it's a "Windows Batch File") ok after running the DownloadNewDat...
File: HarvestMap11/27/19
Re: Re: Only in Southern Elsweyr
Harvest Map worked for a few days this week and then, yesterday, after I logged in, it suddenly didn't work anymore. But *only* in Southern Elsweyr. When I log in, the map is totally empty. It often doesn't show me the nodes, not even as white 'tools' markers. And even if I harvest a node and the marker is set (on the map), after I s...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)11/25/19
teleport issue hopefully fixed now in v5.2.10
Update: The guild roster bug (which affects being able to teleport to other players) is apparently fixed in update v5.2.10 on Monday, November 25. I have not tested yet. Looks like BMU stops retrying failed ports (now a lot of them due to the recently introduced bug) after only two attempts; could we please have that increased s...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)11/20/19
Re: Unable to Port Errors
I've noted in the past few days, a lot of unable to port messages being spammed in the chat window when trying to port to players. Unable to port to Player Not sure what has changed recently, but I wanted to make sure I posted something about it. Hi Dorrson, it's not you or your guilds nor the addon - it's a new bug in the...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)11/19/19
/bmutp/ commands not working anymore?
Hi, I don't know if this is a server (PC/NA) or addon issue yet, but I'm having a LOT of issues with the command line not working anymore (November 19). The addon just gives multiple "Character not found." messages (lists a userid first, then error, then lists another user, then the error, etc.). I can still manually bring up my g...
File: BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel)10/29/19
Request: please add Southern Elsweyr zone
Hi and thanks again for this mod! Although it has been updated otherwise for the dragonhold DLC, if I use the command prompt to try rezone, e.g. /bmutp/southern_elsweyr - it doesn't work. Can you please add the new zone name in to the text commands? Thank you! (Or clarify if the zone name text is something else?)
File: Furniture Catalogue09/28/19
new lua error on login with v3.541 update
user:/AddOns/FurnitureCatalogue/data/AchievementVendors.lua:17: } expected (to close { at line 2) near 'if' I got this on my first character login this morning, after using Minion to update. Hopefully easy to fix. Update: on closing the first error, I then get: user:/AddOns/LibAsync/LibAsync.lua:36: user:/AddOns/FurnitureCatal...
File: Map Pins09/24/19
lua error when picking treasure chest lock in Murkmire
EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_SavedVars.lua:299: table index is nil stack traceback: EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_SavedVars.lua:299: in function '__newindex' user:/AddOns/MapPins/MapPins.lua:3980: in function 'OnInteract' I'm actually in the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer, near Root-Whisper village, doing the Remnant of Argon quest in main quest...
File: Arkadius' Trade Tools09/23/19
weird new rare lua message on login
user:/SavedVariables/ArkadiusTradeToolsSalesData13.lua:6220: unexpected symbol near '' This appeared on my 10th toon login today - but not on prior logins. No idea what it means, probably not important?