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File: Lost Treasure08/27/19
This mod has stopped working since...
Posted By: Torvar
This mod has stopped working since the latest patch update. Suggested patch was not useful in my situation. Yes, lots of survey maps accumulated but most are in bank. Only have about 4 at a time in inventory. Based on the recent comments it looks like the add on needs work because, of the update. I am just going to assume it is bein...
File: Slightly Improvedô Experience Bar05/24/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Always show
Posted By: Torvar
Go to your addon settings and toggle to "Automatic" then back to "Always Show". This must be done every time the UI is reloaded. I'm trying to fix this myself because the dev team seems dead on this one. Is there a picture of this fix? I can't seem to be able to find "Automatic" or "Always Show" in my Add Ons screen.