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File: CannaReflexes07/27/20
Hodor reflects already has an abili...
Posted By: Dextail
Hodor reflects already has an ability to display icons and a system to obtain them.
File: Bandits User Interface09/16/19
Fancy action bar(AndyS clash)
Posted By: Dextail
Hey AndyS new addon (Fancy duration bar) clashes with banditsUI, making whatever bar is currently your back bar have invisible icons like seen below. (timers still work). I hope you can look into this as currently i either need to disable banditsUI or use ADR with bandits Just to confirm this is with only https://i.imgur.com/Q...
File: DarkUI02/10/18
Hearts day theme hp,stam and magic bars
Posted By: Dextail
This really triggers me in the new Heart's day theme I love the pink theme, but why are not my attribute bars the same colour as the ones in the menu! https://imgur.com/a/07b1p The pink health,stamina and magic bars look awesome and would really love it to be on the combat bars as well. currently as you can see im using th...