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File: Advanced Disable Controller UI07/04/19
This is a great addon, thank you....
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This is a great addon, thank you. I have carpel tunnel and a bit of arthritis so I use a gamepad when I can, so I really appreciate your addon. Picking up error when using the toggle key after last update, but works fine when using settings. Thanks for the feedback :) Found the bug, will be fixed in next release.
File: Advanced Disable Controller UI06/30/19
Feedback: Would it be possible to m...
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Feedback: Would it be possible to make the new UI changes optional? The way that I play, I've gotten really used to alternating between KB+M and Controller and I actually prefer the keyboard prompts. I've temporarily reverted to the previous version so that I can see the KB+M keys. The one exception would be the Action Bar at the...
File: Advanced Disable Controller UI06/29/19
Re: Thank you for Updating
Posted By: jc28735250
I wanted to Thank you for updating this add on. Couple known issues I have ran across today. The Dolgubon's lazy writ crafter auto open containers seems to loop constantly and doesnt open containers. Also can we get account wide settings versus just having to do it per toon having 18 toons and making changes is a pain. Can we get the...
File: Pollox's Daily Quest Tracker06/18/19
Awesome addon! I've got a small fe...
Posted By: jc28735250
Awesome addon! I've got a small feature suggestion: Have more detailed toggle settings for individual items. For example, there's no point displaying (and checking) for jewelry writs if you don't have summerset. Or you don't want to know about the DLC dungeon undaunted dailies...etc
File: Guild Hall Button06/18/19
Great mod! Has the great ability to...
Posted By: jc28735250
Great mod! Has the great ability to specify manually which guild member's hall to set as guild hall, which is what I needed. Small suggestion for a feature: add keybind customization to go to guild hall 1...etc