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File: GridList10/22/19
Same issue as King - list is worki...
Posted By: ShikeiLIVE
Same issue as King - list is working - grid not
File: pChat10/22/19
since the latest update i got with...
Posted By: ShikeiLIVE
since the latest update i got with pchat loaded huge FPS decrease. Gets the Addon future updates? if not i must say goodbye
File: pChat10/05/19
New Version?
Posted By: ShikeiLIVE
Will it be updated soon? i must deactivate it because i got FPS issues with it on - without i get 10 fps more
File: Bandits User Interface09/16/19
Please make this changeable :) than...
Posted By: ShikeiLIVE
Please make this changeable :) than i can switch finally from AUI+LUI to yours! https://s17.directupload.net/images/190907/temp/8d4jvdxi.png
File: Bandits User Interface09/07/19
Settings>Bandits UI>Frame colors an...
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Settings>Bandits UI>Frame colors and other This isnt what i mean, i marked it on the Screenshot below. https://s17.directupload.net/images/190907/temp/8d4jvdxi.png
File: Bandits User Interface09/03/19
plz make the general font changeabl...
Posted By: ShikeiLIVE
plz make the general font changeable - this Font in your Ui is a pain in the ass - too tiny and not sharp