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File: Circonians JunkIt Loot Manager07/12/16
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It may be there is an analog this addon ?
File: Unlimited Camera Zoom07/07/16
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i not andestand / zoom is not @unlimited@ )))
File: SwitchBar II07/07/16
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not work map in cirodil(((
File: Grindspot Locations09/15/15
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its work ?
File: ShowWeaponbarId07/25/15
move number
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very sorry that no one said how /
File: Idle Animations06/10/15
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File: SuperStar - Character Builder06/10/15
how to use ?
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sorry , but not andestand (
File: ShowWeaponbarId05/31/15
change the position on the screen?
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plz help!
File: OmNomNom05/21/15
how to turn ?
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no messages are not issues
File: ShowWeaponbarId05/21/15
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was looking for a addon , in combat often confuse panel ,but ,How to change the position on screen ?
File: TiKOS05/20/15
It works now ?
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I did not know that this has .
File: Q05/20/15
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Can you make an addon that he will press the entrance of Cyrodiil ? why only home companies ?
File: CompassMaintenance 100015.105/20/15
I am looking
Posted By: mendisabal
round compass ,normal like in real life ,to indicate only the current direction. reward in-game gold guarantee fee .
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker05/20/15
great addon but ...
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1.lost band of short buf , settings enabled, try to include \ off - without results , plz help . 2.the duration of the debuff will not display correctly ,for example sourcher steak , it is possible to manually correct ? Thank you for your hard work , I will be glad to reward in-game gold .
File: Binder01/20/15
Hi ,its no work for mee ,But it is...
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Hi ,its no work for mee ,But it is very much needed . I replaced the value of the version of the file Binder.txt I keep one character says saved 91 option ,send load to another character writes loaded but nothing happens, Control keys are old . Please help I really need this addon /