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File: No Interact02/26/17
Re: Justice System
Posted By: Rhyono
Now, if you manage to mute the dialogue of everyone listed by this add-on, I'll be able to die happy. I was thinking about the NPCs that chase after you trying to get your attention, so that would be a great addition. I'll have to look into it. What happens if you blacklist a guard who is trying to arrest you? Edit: I've tes...
File: Wealth Evaluator02/21/17
There was a flag condition that had...
Posted By: Rhyono
There was a flag condition that had to be reworked to allow vendor values while not giving you those unknown messages when in /wealth. I'm at work so I made the fix without testing it, so if I broke something else, let me know.
File: Wealth Evaluator02/21/17
Late night fix, so let me know if i...
Posted By: Rhyono
Late night fix, so let me know if it causes catastrophic failure in some unforeseen way, but: it will now include vendor values (and specify as such if you're using an individual command like /bagsum) on items without MM and will specify "unknown value" (ignoring the item from the calculation) if it lacks an MM and vendor price. If y...
File: CraftStore Markarth02/20/17
That's very odd. I tested it with t...
Posted By: Rhyono
That's very odd. I tested it with two toon's writs. Make sure the change took. Open the file and use find for this: CS.CookShowRecipe(control,lists,id,inc,sound)
File: Achievement Finder02/20/17
Re: Search field?
Posted By: Rhyono
Did you see a function that generates the individual achievements? Trying to make those from scratch would be tedious.
File: Joviex's Addon Settings Transfer (Updated)02/19/17
Not really sure how the credit goes...
Posted By: Rhyono
Not really sure how the credit goes to him when I made the fix. :confused:
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved02/18/17
Typo in glyph refining: "aviable" n...
Posted By: Rhyono
Typo in glyph refining: "aviable" needs changed to "available" This mod is really great. But i am waiting for potions crafting support for so long. Is this feature planned for future versions? Not worth the effort when Potion Maker exists.
File: K.02/18/17
Re: This has great potential
Posted By: Rhyono
I have found it amusing the way you'll interact with inanimate objects and have to choose "Goodbye." I like this idea to be able put a more causal approach to quests, especially how theirs so many it helps it be immersive vs saying "goodbye" every single time you end a conversation. Perhaps to push further you want additional opti...
File: Roam Home02/14/17
Is this what you need for home ids?...
Posted By: Rhyono
Is this what you need for home ids? http://wiki.esoui.com/Houses
File: WritWorthy02/12/17
What about analyzing the item link...
Posted By: Rhyono
What about analyzing the item link instead? Here's an alchemy writ: |H1:item:119818:6:1:0:0:0:199:26:4:6:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:50000|h|h For the colored ones from left to right: 1. There are 12 alchemy writ IDs. This is what determines the base potion required. 2. Material type, for alchemy I'll assume it's always 199. 3. F...
File: Show Motifs02/10/17
There are a number of itemstyle con...
Posted By: Rhyono
There are a number of itemstyle constants in use which have not been given a proper name. ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED16 --Stalhrim Frostcaster ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED19 --Silken Ring ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED20 --Mazzatun ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED21 --Grim Harlequin ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED22 --Hollowjack ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED19 has a value of 56. ITEMSTYLE_UNUSED21...
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved02/07/17
Re: Re: Re: Provisioning menu question
Posted By: Rhyono
playtm300, Rhyono: encountered it by myself today... Thanks for help and reports, guys. Any way I need to find time to sort it out by myself, cause it's working most of the time, but totally not as it was intended :) Here's everything I figured out: "if res1 then" is causing an issue because of empty name strings will evaluate...
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved02/07/17
I'll help look into the prov writ b...
Posted By: Rhyono
I'll help look into the prov writ bug. I've ruled out my fix causing it. Haven't found a solution yet for the second item, but I have found a quick fix for the blue recipes: if res1 then to: if res1 and res2 ~= 0 then
File: Master Merchant02/06/17
Since the 2.7 update, MM forgets my...
Posted By: Rhyono
Since the 2.7 update, MM forgets my sort options every time. So I keep seeing oldest first.
File: No, thank you!02/06/17
I just found an issue with No, Than...
Posted By: Rhyono
I just found an issue with No, Thank you and the new group finder ready check. As the ready check for the dungeon appeared I was spammed with error messages (over 500) regarding the addon and some gamepad UI issues. Sadly I wasn't able to capture it since it crashed me. Can you please investigate that? I am on EU-Server with german c...
File: Cyrodiil Alert 2 - Keep Status and Campaign Queue02/05/17
Re: Turn off all chat alerts
Posted By: Rhyono
I have tried everything I can think of to stop this addon from sending alerts to my chat window. Is there something I am missing. I even tried uninstalling it and still the alerts appear even without the addon installed. Do you have "No, thank you!"? I believe it can cause it to be sent to chat instead.
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved02/04/17
I've noticed that there's a bug wit...
Posted By: Rhyono
I've noticed that there's a bug with the way it shows which character has what. For example if you have five characters, A B C D E and C has the item, it looks like this: C - has item A - does not B - does not C - does not D - does not E - does not As you can see, it says that C both does and does not have the item.
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved02/01/17
I'm getting Item Finder ready for t...
Posted By: Rhyono
I'm getting Item Finder ready for the update and I came across this: http://puu.sh/tKnrV/0d683a95f4.png Item IDs: 120076 Aetherial Ambrosia 120077 Recipe: Aetherial Ambrosia 120078 Dimnished Aetherial Dust
File: CraftStore Fixed and Improved01/30/17
Clicking on the Writ button in the...
Posted By: Rhyono
Clicking on the Writ button in the Provisioning interface, it doesn't properly list some items required for Writs like Argonian Saddle-Cured Rabbit or whatchamacallit. This is why I came to post. Any recipe with a hyphen in it does not display when you click the writ filter. I've fixed it in a patch. Go to optional files and...
File: BeggingTheGear01/20/17
I've since fixed it and I added it...
Posted By: Rhyono
I've since fixed it and I added it as a patch. You can just take my file as is, change the version number and upload it as a new version if you'd like.
File: Master Merchant01/20/17
Re: master merchant
Posted By: Rhyono
Do you have any tips on how I could make it work? The addon is really useful :< The problem might be with my 4GB RAM :( That could definitely be an issue. Off hand, I'd estimate that ESO takes ~2GB RAM and then you're allocating another 2GB to addons. user:/AddOns/MasterMerchant/MasterMerchant.lua:1837: attempt to index a nil...
File: Lost Treasure01/16/17
Hew's Bane Treasure Map I's coordin...
Posted By: Rhyono
Hew's Bane Treasure Map I's coordinates are off. Should be 41.40x84.45
File: Master Merchant01/13/17
Re: Re: crowd sourcing MM
Posted By: Rhyono
@tomtomhotep It sounds like you're trying to turn MM into TTC?
File: BeggingTheGear01/06/17
Here is an example: I ONLY want da...
Posted By: Rhyono
Here is an example: I ONLY want daggers that are sharpened and match "a" However, it includes everything with "a" (such as a ring) http://puu.sh/tdS3G/5b807b30a2.png
File: Master Merchant01/02/17
Re: Re: Re: I can't find the search box
Posted By: Rhyono
http://i65.tinypic.com/9gwkth.png That is an old picture of Awesome Guild Store, you can see the "Text Filter" in this image: http://puu.sh/t96Cm/e6d8c09f5c.png